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This Tallk 2 buddy site is all about a way to get into the chatting platform .
Talk 2 buddy is not a site where you can have a chatting conversation with other but you can read our coming Blogs.
This chat multi media platform is built because some rats inside this chat world are trying to create a bad impression of people who loves chatting blogs and chat world.
This talk 2 buddy platform is based on a Mibbit based IRC server in case a user can define a goal to be save from spamming and flooding n this particular Chat world .
Pakistani Chat Room is a excellent platform to share your thoughts without any hesitation. Our Team comes from different places around the world . This Pakistani Chat Room is designed and developed both members living in Pakistan and England.
We respect every culture , every religion and ever ethnic group which is here to be a part of this Website.It is a free Online Chat Room.

This Chat room is a platform for writing blogs and providing a communication medium. Talk to buddy is not engaged in any kind of racial , regional and religion discrimination . This is a non profit organization . If any earning generated in future will be fully donated to charity based organization .

We prefer to create audience from Pakistan India and other regions in this world .
We are not using our name in any kind of propaganda outside this website . So if our name is used outside the Online Chat Room is not sign this thing is linked with us . Some chat rooms use our team members name for abusing purposes .
No room member is involve in any kind of negative action describes in other Chat Rooms .
If any member from this site is proved guilty by any outsider will be charged with strict actions and will be remove from the website hierarchy .

Talk to buddy site is not about getting you to dangerous end but is all about to have some fun . We are not responsible for


We as a team member suggest you to be happy and collaborate with us to full fill our desire to complete a purpose we aim from this platform . We aim to make it not best but one of the best Online Chat Room among others.


About Us is a page where you can learn about our environment and have a a go with our team So that you can join Talk to buddy in a moment without and hesitation and then we have a class of opportunities in the most amazing part of the Talk to buddy team scenario.
About Us platform where you can read our personal and private info not that type you want to have but you can get the most interesting facts for talk to buddy.

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Another point is here to make is at this point you will enjoy your stay . As a result you will try to be a part of this room in fact you will get involved in our working as a result you will like it .Moreover ,